Møtepunkt og frister 2020/2021

Årshjul for Norsk skredfaglig forening 2021 (med forbehold om endringer)

Skiveglederkvalifisering (frist 15. mars 2021)

Søknadsfrist er 15. mars. Opptakssamling blir avholdt i mai 2021.

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Interpraevent (Bergen, 31. mai – 3. juni 2021) – NB: USATT FRA 2020, digitalt konferanse i 2021

Natural hazards in a changing world: Avalanches, debris flows, floods, landslides & rock falls. Focus will be on integrated management of natural hazards and risks, equally considering causes of disasters as well as measures of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery in the view of climate and social changes.


ISSW i Fernie, Canada (3. – 8. oktober 2021) – NB: USATT FRA 2020

The ISSW (International Snow Science Workshop) is the world’s largest conference on snow and avalanches. Its success lies in the motto: ‘A Merging of Theory and Practice‘. The thematic focus lies on current advances in snow and avalanche science, case studies and innovative technologies at an international level. 

Fernie – a small historic mountain town surrounded by steep canadian mountain slopes – supports the ISSW and its values to ensure the successful organization and performance of the 2021 event

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